Sizzling with Langleys Hidden Thai Gem: Ban Chok Dee

20 Jul
Chef Parinya, Host Laurie Belle

Chef Parinya, Host Laurie Belle

I was Thrilled to visit Ban Chok Dee and meet the lovely, talented Chef Parinya. She shares her passion and love for Thai cooking with me. I immediately labelled Ban Chok Dee as “Langley’s Hidden Thai Gem”. I was invited as Celebrity Guest Host to the Thai cooking class.  I really enjoyed cooking outside on the patio. What a great idea for a Bachelorette party or just for a fun girls day out! The ambiance is inviting and the outdoor seating is so urban Chic. Add to this a nice bottle of white wine or  refreshing Sangria and you have a recipe for success!

Parinya with wine


Seating Ban Chok Dee

Laurie hard at work

As Celebrity Host of  Leftcoast TV, Get Cooking with the Stars(Gene Simmons, COCO Rocha, Shannon Tweed,Darryl Lenox, ) I’ve cooked alongside some amazing chefs such as TOJO, Chef Parichat (Pink Elephant Thai), and Daniel Craig (haha, Not James Bond, but Chef Dan Craig formerly of EBO Restaurant). I Recently met and traded Cooking secrets with Miss Vicki of Miss Vicki’s Chips.

Vickie Kerr and Laurie Belle

Vickie Kerr and Laurie Belle


Gene Simmons with Laurie Belle at TOJOS


Football Hero Geroy Simon with Chef TOJO and Host Laurie Belle

Ban Chok Dee : Chef Parinya

We made four scrumptious dishes: Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Pad Kra Pao and Panang Curry,  I started off cooking Tom Yum Goong with Black Tiger Prawns, mmmm.  I will certainly be adding this recipe to my cookbook. We used  Galanga Root, Lime juice, tomatoes, Tom Yum Paste, lemongrass (Gives such a yummy aroma), red onion, fish paste, mushrooms, and cilantro.

Orange Dish of ingredients

All the ingredients were fresh from T&T Supermarket, Hen Long Market, and Asia Market. I love this soup as it is so healthy yet brimming with flavors and so light. YUM!

Here is my finished product: I am proud to say I received an A for this one!


Tom Gai

We then moved onto the Panang Curry. I used fresh slices of beef, Panang Curry Paste, Coconutmilk, lime leaves and Thai small eggplant (Pictured below), green and red peppers and sugar to season.

Green beans longeggplant

What’s fun about Thai Cooking is you can tailor the amount of SPICE and coordinate with various meats. I enjoy very SPICY, so this type of Cuisine absolutely appeals to me.

My next favorite dish that was featured was: Pad Kra Pao with Chicken

. Thai Chicken dish

You simply assemble chicken breast, onion, green and red peppers, Fresh Thai Red chilli, Soya, Long green bean, Oyster Sauce and Holy Basil Leaves, so fragrant, so tasty. There are two types of Basil used in Thai Cooking: HolyBasil (Kra Pao, and Sweet basil (Hora-Pa).

Basil Leaves on ice

Did you know that Thai Ingredients work as fantastic Beauty products too. Lime Juice is wonderful for your hair, and Turmeric is great for your skin. Just simply grate turmeric in a stone dish and apply to your face. VOILA! Instant face brightener.

I finished with the famous Pad Thai. SO simple to make but uses up to 19 ingredients. It does have a few steps to it, and sure does rely on timing.

Pad Thai ingredients

It was a great experience visiting Ban Chok Dee and cooking with the engaging Chef Parinya. You will Enjoy learning authentic Thai Dishes in a fun and informative cooking class. Try some of the excellent Wines they have on hand and embark on an unforgettable Thai Experience.

Chicken Pad Kra Pao


Host Laurie Belle enjoying the fruits of her labour

You can follow me for more adventures on Leftcoasttv/twitter, and for more information on Chef Parinya and Ban Chok Dee

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